About me

Hi! I'd David Zisky and this is my personal IT-related "portfolio" website and blog.

If you found this website on the resume I sent you, you either go to "Resume" where you can see an old-school type CV/Experience listing page or if you actually care about who you hiring as a person you should rather read the pinned post on the main page ;)

Tip: If you google "David Zisky" you may also find my photography portfolio website. Yes, I do photography as a hobby

If you ended up here for any other reason, enjoy and feel free to contact me at david@zisky.net if you'll need anything from me :)

I am (mainly) a Cloud Native Consultant but there is a bit more to it. I have over 10 years of experience in IT mainly on the infrastructure side but I can code too. During my career, I gathered knowledge from quite a few different areas/perspectives.

The last couple of years working as a consultant I'd say I doubled my experience by designing and helping with Cloud Native Transformation to various companies, from small startups that needed to scale quickly to big financial corporations that needed to move faster.

Besides actual system/cloud engineering, I focus on growing as a leader, both internally by leading tech teams and externally by dealing with politics and psychology on the client side. In fact, most Cloud Native Transformations are 40% engineering and 60% changing peoples mindsets, improving processes, implementing proper knowledge sharing and building engineering culture.

I speak at conferences, I write here and on medium.com and I contribute to open-source.

Privately I love science (which means everything mechanical/electrical engineering related), I do photography, I love to work on my car, I am addicted to reading books (not only IT-related but also good novels, thrillers and neuroscience/psychology) I do sports and I love spending time in the nature.